Bay Justice Associates is a personal injury law firm serving seriously injured clients throughout Michigan.  Our firm has over 35 years of experience representing clients who have suffered serious personal injury or death because of another’s negligence.  We provide our clients personal attention, a track record of proven results, and the experience necessary to maximize the compensation they receive. 


At Bay Justice Associates, we have represented clients on wrongful death claims and those who have suffered serious personal injuries arising from dog bites, medical malpractice, and motor vehicle accidents including cars, trucks and motorcycles, as premises liability claims.

Our clients are typically seriously injured and face issues they never expected such as medical bills, the inability to work to support themselves and their family, and the need for significant medical care.  Bay Justice Associates provides the services our clients need to evaluate their legal rights and ultimately recover the compensation they deserve. 


If you or someone you know has been injured because of someone else’s negligence, it is important to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss their legal issues and options.  Contact us for a free immediate consultation with an attorney.


Bay Justice Associates, P.C. represents clients on a contingent basis.  With a “contingency fee” the attorney receives a percentage of the money recovered for you.  If you recieve no monetary recovery, then there is no legal fee. This agreement provides a fee structure for our clients that is  risk free.  The client is not charged any amount while the claim is pending.  Weekly or monthly bills are not sent to the client and there is no need for a retainer payment.  If Bay Justice Associates is not successful in recovering money, the client is not charged any amount for the professional time spent on the case.  The contingency fee we charge is typically one-third of the amount recovered.